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It is important to have a special union that shows that we are a separate professional group. As a Electrohomeopath and member of the ERDC-Norway, you help maintain the ERDC as a special association.


To stimulate Electrohomeopaths & Iridologist to the joy of research and provide training and guidance to those who want to do research work.


A Electrohomeopathy & Iridology education at master's level will be established.


The ERDC-Norway sets requirements for approved education. Members can use the ERDC's logo and title as a quality example of an approved education in Electrohomeopathy & Iridology.


The ERDC provides information on continuing education courses in Electrohomeopathy. This promotes Electrohomeopathy by improving our own competence. It is important to maintain a high level in order to be able to treat people in a satisfactory manner.


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